I Miss Broadway

Have you ever had one of those days?  There was nothing really wrong, but yet it felt like there was something missing or off about the day?  Today was that day for me, it took me awhile but then it realized what was bothering me….

If 2020 had not turned into the year of Covid, I would be in New York right now. I would be sitting in the Hudson Theatre, watching Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick in Plaza Suite. I would be dressed up. I would be surrounded by other people. I would be laughing at the Neil Simon comedy and things would be “normal”

I think about the toll that Covid has taken on so many. All the actors (actresses) on Broadway that are without jobs. I am sure Sarah and Matthew are fine but what about the set designers, costume designers, the supporting cast and all the men and women that are an intricate part of the production?https://broadwaycares.org/fundraising-campaign-helps-theater-community-during-covid-19-pandemic/

My hope is by late Spring of 2021, life will start to normalize. We will be able to; gather with friends and family, eat in restaurants, go to concerts, and sit in legendary theatres in New York, Chicago, Detroit and many other great cities and watch our favorite musicals and plays.

In the meantime, Broadway has kept the lights on via your favorite streaming networks. Enjoy some of your favorite musicals via Disney Plus, Amazon, or Netflix.


One thought on “I Miss Broadway

  1. You and me both. If COVID didn’t hit, I would have been able to see Anastasia, Frozen, and Wicked this year. I only made it to one musical- usually my minimum is two musicals. I rely on Broadway tours.

    Musical theatre is a very important part of who I am- not being able to see them is kinda of annoying and frustrating. I have high hopes the US will get theater back next year.


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