What are some of your favorite family vacations?

I have so many great memories from family vacations that my kids and I have done over the years.

There was the one time that our dog locked us out of the car at a gas station at the Florida Georgia Line.

Or the time that my mom got into the wrong car when we made a stop at a rest area coming back from Washington DC.

Seeing the happiness in my children’s eyes when we found the Hard Rock Cafe in Paris and they could have chicken tenders and a hamburger.

Sitting around the bonfire at the The Inn at Bay Harbor singing songs and roasting marshmallows

The hours spent on road trips playing games, listening to the radio, and laughing so hard we couldn’t catch our breath.

I would love to see your family photos and hear your stories. Please feel free to post on my Facebook page, Instagram, or in the comment section of this blog.

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