Where in the World am I?

It’s Christmas time but the snow has been replaced by sand, the evergreens by palm trees, and the warm air reminds you that you are far from home. A weekend in the sun is just what you need to wrap up another busy year.

A glass of champagne is placed in your hand as you enter the hotel. “The sun is starting to set, you won’t want to miss it” The charming front desk clerk states. “Don’t worry about your bags, we will take care of them. Raya, our lobby bar is the best place to watch!” The floor to ceiling windows provide an excellent view of the ocean. There is a warm orange and yellow glow as the sun drops below the horizon and the stars begin to appear in the night sky.

It’s been a long travel day so a relaxing evening at the hotel is a great way to unwind. It’s December but dinner is outside on the terrace at 180BLU. The breeze off the water is warm but you wrap a summer scarf around your shoulders as you glance off over the railing to the beach 150 feet below. There are people gathered around a fire and a faint sound of a guitar and singing. A glance at the menu reveals a selection of small plates ranging from Brazilian Cheese Rolls to Ahi Tuna Ceviche. A light Chardonnay from Sonoma to complete the meal and then it is off to bed for a good night sleep.

The morning light reveals the perfect spot to spend your day. You grab your book and AirPods ,throwing them in your yellow beach bag, and head down the steep path to Salt Creek Beach.

A royal blue chair is placed in the sand for you. There are surfers waiting on the perfect wave, kids building sandcastles, and people walking along the waters edge soaking up the sun. You have found paradise .

Where is this magical place?

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