Travel Advent Calendar

I miss traveling.  I long to board a plane and wander around a parking garage trying to find my rental car. And the frustration of being lost in a new town while trying to find a hotel that doesn’t register on WAZE or Google Maps. The good ol’ days.

I can’t wait until I can explore a new area, make friends with a stranger, and find that perfect little cafe to get coffee each morning. Sigh! Until then I am remembering past vacations and dreaming about the ones I am going to take next year.

In effort to help me get through the rest of 2020 and to help my fellow travel lovers, I  have created my own version of an Advent calendar.  Starting on December 1st, I will share some photos and highlights of a new destination each day. I hope this feeds your adventurous spirit and inspires you to start planning travel for 2021. I would love to hear what is on your bucket lis.

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