Day Tripper- Your Favorite Farmer’s Market

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I am a morning person. Don’t hate me. I love the coolness of a Summer morning, when the heat of the day hasn’t hit yet and the world is just waking up. Everything is in slow motion. The earth is calm and the light of the sun is breaking through the trees and around buildings. The birds are singing and people are out walking their dogs and savoring the peace of the moment. I just love this time! I feel energized and optimistic about life itself. So with a coffee in hand, and a tote bag in the other- let’s head out to your favorite Farmer’s Market or explore a new one.

Maybe your favorite market is in your home town – quaint and made up of local farmers and artists. Or if you live in a larger more urban area, offering a more robust market that hosts a slue of vendors including butchers, bakers, home decor, restaurants, gardening and floral sections etc… some are year round, others only seasonal. These markets are an intricate part of the community in which it resides and exists based on the support of the community. Each a treasure in its own right. I make it a point to visit these wonderful markets like these whenever traveling to a new destination.

Let me begin with the wonderful Detroit Eastern Market With over 150 of history showcasing local artists, locally farmed produce and flowers as well as cultural events,Eastern Market brings the vibrancy of Detroit to life. It is open and thriving these days so let me help you plan your trip

You will want to go early, so plan on having breakfast at Vivio’s It is a popular place so there could be a wait Known for their Bloody Marys and hearty breakfast, it is a great place to fuel up for the day. If there is a wait, don’t worry pop in next door at Devries & Co- – it is a gourmet grocery store with hard to find items, local Detroit and Michigan made products, and a great gift shop on level 2 & 3. I love the vintage Detroit t-shirts they have- Vernor’s, Farmer Jack, Pine Knob and Faygo are just a few that you can find. After breakfast, it is time to explore the area. The Saturday market tends to be the most popular. Often you will find more than 200 vendors offering their produce, their stories, and their passions for what they are doing. The Sunday market is not as traditional as it more of a showcase of local artists and musicians. Neither will disappoint. You will notice the The Murals in the Market – created by local artists displaying their talents, telling stories of Detroit’s past and future, the struggles and the triumphs. The tributes to civil rights leaders through out the ages and the influencers on the culture and people of Detroit. You can feel the time, the energy, the sweat, the tears and the passion that went into creating these wonderful works of art.

As you make your way through the different sheds, you will experience so many different pleasures. You will enjoy the sweet fragrances of the flowers displayed in magnificent rows of color. Sunflowers, Lily’s, Hydrangeas and other wonderful flowers in bloom line the market. I love the warm croissants and baguettes you will come across -it makes me feel like like I am in Paris. The temptation of fresh baked breads, muffins , and cookies are hard to resist as you pass by the many bakery stands spread through out the market. The fresh fruit and vegetables that seem to go on for miles will make even the most discerning eyes take notice to the fine quality of the produce offered. There is always a new fruit or vegetable that I discover when I am there. If you like to cook like I do, you will love the selection of fresh herbs and homemade spices that are available as well. There is homemade jam, local honey, organic soaps and lotion and more.

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Eastern Market is iconic to the Metro Detroit area and an important part of the neighborhoods of Detroit. For years it has been the main provider of affordable fresh food for the people who live there. The market has the support of our homegrown celebrity, Kid Rock, who helped create a community kitchen- Kid Rock Kitchen Commons– used by small food entrepreneurs and community educators who focus on creating a healthier and happier Detroit though improved nutrition and access to fresh foods.

It is easy to spend a few hours here and still not see it all. The energy of this area is so positive and encouraging. It brings people in from all over the state and regional visitors from Ohio and Indiana. They have implemented social distancing guidelines and you will need to bring a mask. Wear light clothing as the summers can get hot in Detroit and you will need a good pair of walking shoes. The market is free, parking is easy, and it is a great way to spend a warm sunny day in Detroit.

If Detroit is too far for you, check out your city or town’s local market. Make a day of it. It’s the type of trip you can do solo, with a partner, or even bring the kids. I have had the privilege of exploring many other markets that I want to make sure I give them honorable mention;

West Side Market in Cleveland– open year round

Green City Market in Chicago– year round and has great cooking demonstrations;

Eastern Market DC– love the weekend markets in the Capitol Hill area that dates back to the late 1800’s;

Sturgeon Bay (WI)Farmers market– Saturday mornings by City Hall during the summer-

If you have a favorite Farmer’s market, please feel free to share so we can at it to the list.

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