My mom would love this

Growing up, my mom was very proud of our Irish heritage. While I claimed to be more French than Irish and dreamed of going to Paris not Dublin (insert teenage eye roll here) she talked about going to Ireland. We had to do all sorts of “Irish” things growing up- lectures, concerts, movies, and watch every TV special the Irish Rover’s did. She would insist that I attend her St Patrick’s Day parties – I would wear Orange instead of Green, just to bug her. She spent hours researching our Irish ancestors, hoping to find a long lost relative to visit. As a single mom raising 2 daughters, finances were tight. It was a really BIG dream to dream. I am happy to say, this story has a happy ending. She was able to make it to Ireland, several times, and even somehow convinced a couple to let her run their Inn for a month somewhere in County Clair . She really loved her trips to Ireland.

Then a few years ago, my daughter decided she wanted to go to Ireland. She set out on her own to do a semester abroad at the University of Dublin College. She also fell in love with this beautiful country and the people that live there. So now it is my turn.

It is February 2, 2020 and I am sitting in the Delta Sky lounge at Detroit Metro Airport waiting to board my Air France flight to Dublin. I am excited for so many reason. This will be my first international blog for Travel is my Passion. I have convinced myself that I will run into Bono while we are there. We are staying at the hotel that U2 owns in it could happen! I am excited to meet new people, make new friends, and have a new adventure in my life. But what has surprised me, is how emotional this trip is becoming for me. I won’t ever get to do this trip with my mom. She passed away over 10 years ago. She would have loved that her only granddaughter went to school there and now one of her daughters is about to set off on her own Irish adventure. So Barbara “Bridget” McGrew…this trip and upcoming blogs are for you.

Grá tú mam

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