Just a Small Town Girl

Main Street

Love the towns you see in the Hallmark Christmas movies? Or have you ever wanted to go to Stars Hollow ?  Your search will end here. There is a town in Michigan that still holds monthly town hall meetings, offers a Main Street that hosts not only every holiday parade but also a parade for the local little league teams.During the summer;  there is an Art Festival, sidewalk sales, weekly concerts, and even a local Farmer’s Market.  The Historic Home Tour and Classic Car Show in the Fall highlights this little town’s historic past. Home to authors, poets, chefs, and even once the site for movie. It’s the town I call home. To clarify I travel almost every week for work, so when I have a chance to hang out in Milford, Michigan, it feels like a vacation.  

Again my day starts with coffee. There is a great group of guys at the local Starbucks that gather every morning to discuss politics, family, faith, food, and share tips on how to fix almost anything .They have helped me move, have been present for milestones in my children’s lives and have been so supportive in all my endeavors.  They are very welcoming to all, so if you stop in be sure you say hello and maybe sit down for a chat.

So what is there to do in this little town (village ) of Milford? Let’s start with downtown. A walk through town will take you past a variety of boutiques. There is After the Rain, Hoot, and Nana’s that offer unique or one-of-a-kind type items. If you like to cook or bake, you will want to stop by The Acorn Shop and check out the selection of kitchen and dining items or join a cooking demonstration. Looking to update your wardrobe? There are several women’s clothing shops (The Clothing Cove, Tenacity, and Uptown Threads to name a few) that have an outfit for every occasion.

I know this sounds like a lot of small towns across the country so what makes Milford so special ? It’s the people. People that care about this town and the people in it.  People  that are rooting for Charlie’s new restaurant – Still on Main, to do well.  Kathy at the Milford Feed Store that can help you feed your horses, your chickens, and your average household pet but also there for advice on life, health, and family.  Colleen, owner of Sweet Retreats (aka-the chocolate shop) that never judges me on what is sometimes is “multiple” trips to her store on a stressful day AND remembers that my favorite treat is the milk chocolate peanut butter cup. I was raised here.  I raised my children here. It’s my escape from the vastness of this world.


Milford is a town that is great for a romantic night out – a glass of wine at The Wine Bar followed by dinner prepared by Chef Gary at Gravity. Maybe a walk down Main St. to one of the several jewelry stores the town hosts? 

For families there is an awesome park that offers one of the best playscapes I have ever seen. Central Park offers movies in the park during the summer as well as family friendly concerts in the La Fontaine Amphitheater . We still have a family run movie theater (Milford Cinema)that offers first run movies for only $6 per adult and $5 for children. They won’t start the movie until everyone has what they need from the concession stand so you have time to load up on popcorn and candy without missing a moment of the movie.

Need a girl’s weekend trip?   There is yoga at In Harmony.  A great DIY workshop  A/R where you can paint, build, knit, or sew.  Lunch at Coratti’s on Main followed by some shopping is a great way to spend the day with your besties. Need a new look? There are 5 Hair Salons and a new Blow Dry Bar (JL Styles coming in January). Be sure to stop in and see Paul and Nancy at Milford Nail Spa for a pedi/mani. 

I haven’t even mentioned that we have great bike trails,  Kensington Metro Park, and Camp Dearborn in the area as well. So if you are looking for year round outdoor fun, be sure to add those to your list.

Have I convinced you yet to spend the day, or maybe even stay the night? Our new Opera House Bed & Breakfast is now open. It is nice to take a step back sometimes and enjoy the simple pleasures that Milford, Michigan has to offer. I hope you take the time to come and visit.

Click to access MilfordWalkingMap20112.pdf

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