A little bit of France…in Chicago

As I sit and write my first “official” post, it is appropriate that it is in the small coffee shop,Le Petit Margeaux in the Waldorf Astoria in Chicago. It encompasses so many things I love. The ease and elegance of the French atmosphere. The sweet and savory taste of the freshly baked croissants accompanied by a rich and creamy cappuccino. The perfect setting for people watching. Artists, designers, business men and women. The old , the young, the up and comers and those enjoying retirement.

This is always my first stop in the morning when I am in Chicago. The peace before entering the hustle and bustle of this great city.

What I love about this hotel are the people that work here. Women and men that share that passion of hospitality that I have. That adrenaline rush that you get from meeting new people, making a difference in someone’s day, and making an impact. Serving others as a way to show love to someone, to make them feel important, to let them know they matter.

I must confess…I came here last night for dinner. The plan was to “stop in” for a drink and then head out to one of the many fine restaurants in the Gold Coast area of Chicago. But once I am in this fabulous hotel, I struggle to leave. We met the fabulous Sommelier for Margeaux Brasserie. She shared her great knowledge of wine to help us better understand the Bordeaux wines and the explain the variety of blends from the right and left bank in the Bordeaux region. Paired with a petite filet and butter lettuce salad, it made for a perfect evening out.

There is always so much to do in Chicago. It’s hard to pack it all in a long weekend. I will be heading to the Chicago Insitute of Arts to visit the Andy Warhol exhibit so watch for more updates.

If you find yourself in Chicago, put The Waldorf Astoria on your list of places to either start or end your day. Or both. Bon Voyage!

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